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Abundant Grace Yoga with certified yoga teacher Ulla Lundgren

“When Shiva the Great Yogin chooses to become the Lord of the Dance, Nataraja, the universe appears as Consciousness in its most ecstatic forms: as art and play, as knowledge and beauty, as the very embodiment of awareness in the form of the Self.” —From Clothed in Consciousness: Nataraja in the Tantric Tradition by Dr. Douglas Brooks

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Ulla Lundgren, certified yoga teacher

Welcome to Abundant Grace Yoga with Ulla Lundgren, E-RYT 500 and Certified Yoga Teacher!

Here you will find information about Ulla's weekly classes in Bend, Oregon, as well as her schedule of workshops, retreats, immersions, and teacher trainings.

Abundant Grace Yoga is a registered school with Yoga Alliance at the 200- and 300-hour teacher training levels. Learn about our upcoming 200- and 300-hour yoga teacher trainings.

If you are new to yoga, you can expect a few things in class. Ulla's yoga classes vary in their content and types of poses. Your first class might be playful and uptempo, focusing on back-bending and hand-balancing poses. Your next class might focus on seated forward bends, hip openers, and twists, with a slower tempo and more contemplative intent.

Ulla's style of teaching blends fun, adventure, and mindful attention — not only to physical alignment but also to alignment with one’s essence, inner intensions, and hopes for living a truly meaningful life. Her students describe me as having a down-to-earth sense of humor, skill in biomechanical alignment instruction, and a strong intuitive ability to speak to their hearts.